Best Ways to Exercise

Clearly, there are many ways to exercise.  We’re really focused on finding and sharing fitness and exercise options that help people find physical wellness. It’s not as much about fitness for us as it is about wellness. What’s the difference? Wellness is forward thinking and long term focused. Fitness is short term and intense…at least in our eyes.

So, now that you know how we filter our views on exercise, here’s our list, ranked by preference, of exercises we think best help you achieve physical wellness.

  1. Walking
    • PROs: Widely available. Easy to do. Low impact on body. Free.
    • CONs: If you only walk slowly, you won’t get aerobic benefits.
  2. Swimming
    • PROs: Probably the best exercise you can do. Low stress on body parts, full body workout, aerobic, etc. 
    • CONs: Not widely/readily available to most people. Hassle factor/time consuming. Possibly expensive if you have to join a club to get access.
  3. Interval Walking
    • PROs: Widely available. Easy to do. Low impact on body. If you periodically either jog or walk briskly, you elevate your heart rate and add aerobic benefits to your walking. Free.
    • CONs: Can’t think of any other than maybe a little more stress on body parts.
  4. Low Impact Full Body Physical Activity
    • PROs: Widely available. Low stress on body parts, full body workout, aerobic benefits, etc.
    • CONs: May require you to be pain free, injury free to do complex or muscle group movements. Might be more expensive (Yoga classes, Barre, etc.)
  5. Interval Training
    • PROs: Aerobic benefits are enhanced. Likely will increase metabolism. Burns more calories. Speeds path to fitness.
    • CONs: Depending on the exercise, may dramatically increase stress on joints, muscles, and overall body.
  6. Resistance/Weight Training
    • PROs: Builds muscle. Aerobic benefits. Tones and benefits multiple muscle groups.
    • CONs: Perception you’ll turn into a “muscle head.” Expensive if you purchase your own equipment or join a gym. Hassle factor.
  7. Indoor Cycling
    • PROs: Low impact. Aerobic benefits. Great for lower body fitness.
    • CONs: May be expensive to join classes or purchase equipment.

We could include that consistent activity creates numerous benefits. But, there are thousands of articles, studies, and facts on why physical activity is vital to your overall health. Ok, we’ll give you just one stat. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states you need 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. The bottom line is, physical fitness is a must.

We’ve left out many specific exercise/fitness options (outdoor bicycling, cross fit, and intense physical fitness as examples) mainly because either the activity is dangerous or will likely, in the long run, cause your body to break down. If you feel the need to get the ribbon or car sticker that says you ran a marathon, that’s fine. Just ask yourself the following question before you start ANY physical fitness program. Will my 80 year old body thank me for doing this?

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