Don’t Let Holiday Candy Ruin Healthy Workday Eating Habits

It seems like from Halloween until Valentine’s Day it’s candy, candy, candy everywhere. It’s tempting to just forget your healthy eating habits for a few months and jump on the junk food train. But that’s a mistake because poor health choices add up quickly and it’s so much harder to break bad habits than to stick to good habits through this holiday season. The average mini chocolate bar has 37 calories*. But how easy is it to not even realize and eat 4, 5, 6 throughout the work day? Those calories are empty of nutrients and will leave you feeling sluggish as you try and work. Stay focused on your good health and realize that there will be days during holidays to celebrate, but the key is balance. Here are some strategies to keep you focused and help you avoid the office candy jar.

Bring some healthy, nutrient-rich snacks to work. If you fill up on healthy snacks you will not even want the candy. The more good food choices you make, the easier it will be to avoid the candy. You will feel better. You will have more energy. Some examples of nutritious snacks are apples, clementines, low-fat cheese sticks and whole wheat crackers, veggie sticks, low-fat granola bars, pretzels, a handful of almonds or pistachios. Healthy snack choices are abundant–you just have to plan ahead just a little.

Another strategy for avoiding the office candy jar is to take a 5 minute break with a walk or stretch (a Yaypo5 video would be great!). Getting up and moving for just a little bit helps restore your energy and focus. Exercise can help curb cravings and get you back on track. Basically, replace an unhealthy choice with a much healthier choice.

Drinking plenty of water (oz./day) is another great way to curb those sugar cravings while you work. When you drink enough water throughout the work day, energy levels go up and your appetite for unhealthy food goes down. Water fills you up and also helps every cell in our bodies work optimally. Drinking water is one of the best healthy habits you can do for yourself.

Use these strategies and good habits to stay focused on good health as this holiday season begins. You will feel so much better and it can have a positive effect on your mood and energy level and quality of work. Plus, think how proud of yourself you’ll be!


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