Bad News. You’re Wasting Money On Your Company Wellness Program

Today, corporations are spending billions and billions of dollars on corporate wellness. Maybe it’s a little harsh to say you’re wasting money but it’s more than likely true.

Why? Because, before you do anything or before you start any wellness initiative, you need to identify the CAUSES of rising health care costs.

Here’s a question: What 2 causes, by percentage, affect the largest number of working Americans? Causes, not symptoms or diseases. If you don’t know the answer, you’re likely wasting money on your wellness program or, at a minimum, simply not getting the most bang for your corporate wellness buck.

The good news? We can fight these causes. Health care costs are rising because we spend 75 cents of every dollar fighting symptoms and diseases after its too late. What if you could spend around $1 or less on corporate physical wellness that directly fights, on a daily basis, the 2 most important causes of heart disease and type2 diabetes?

At the end of the day, you want bang for your buck. You also want focused programs that are built on science, statistics, and habits.

Don’t waste/spend more money on corporate wellness initiatives until you address the big issues first.

About Yaypo Physical Health & Wellness
Yaypo is a work-site wellness program offering cloud based physical wellness services you can do at your desk and without changing existing daily routines. Everything we do is focused on fighting the major causes of preventable diseases (not the symptoms or actual diseases like our healthcare system currently does) and what you can do to maximize your productivity during the workday. We offer a Free 1-week Demo. Follow us: LinkedIn | Facebook | Blog | Twitter