//Fight the Symptoms or Treat the Diseases?

Fight the Symptoms or Treat the Diseases?

As a nation, we treat diseases. We’ve transitioned from healthcare to sick-care. According to Kaiser Health News,  we spend 75% of healthcare dollars on largely preventable diseases. We spend 5% on prevention. That’s pathetic.

Is it more important to find ways to deal with the causes of our greatest health challenges or wait until we get sick and deal with treating the diseases (type 2 diabetes and heart disease as examples)?  To me, this is a question with an obvious answer. But, the reality is different. The two most obvious causes for many of the preventable and chronic diseases we’re dealing with in America are sedentary lifestyle and our addiction to sugar. A sedentary lifestyle is simply sitting to long. Studies say 86% of working Americans sit, on average, 13 hours per day. That’s insane. According to Sugar Science, we should be eating fewer than 25 grams of sugar per day. We average 86 grams per day! That’s insane too. The Center for Disease Control says 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. 70%! Saturated fats and calorie intake are also very important to this statistic. But, the 2 MOST IMPORTANT factors or causes contributing to this statistic are sugar and lack of physical activity.

What other causes for chronic diseases affect 70%+ of us?  I’m not trying mitigate the dangers of other public health threats. The most scary ones are ones that are beyond our control. But, sitting too long is completely within our control. It’s a habit. Sugar is harder because some studies say it’s 8 times more addictive than cocaine. We need to fight. We need to start focusing on these two causes and spend much more time, effort, and money addressing them. They are, after all, the ones most to blame.

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