YAYPO Creates Proprietary 4 Pillars of Workplace Physical Wellness

Yaypo focuses on workplace physical wellness. It’s also referred to as worksite wellness but we focus only on the physical side of things. Yes, there are 4 other areas of wellness a company wellness program should address. They include spiritual, mental, relational, and financial wellness.

Our 4 Pillars of Physical Wellness include Health, Activity, Refresh, and Nutrients. At Yaypo, we focus on how to maximize these 4 areas for peak workday performance. Our knowledge, tips, and content, are all curated and “word-smithed” into “bite-sized” pieces so subscribers will be more inclined to read them (we all know how busy everyone is!).

In our health pillar, we understand that some of our subscribers receiving our emails are currently dealing with health related issues. We do our best to provide tips and information that helps you stay healthy as well as find health during the workday. After all, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much right?

In our activity pillar, we understand activity is a vital part of physical wellness. Our Yaypo5 videos are a huge part of igniting workday physical wellness. But, walking and other forms of activity are also great too. Variety is the spice of life right?  We’ll provide information about the best ways to stay active at work.

In our refresh pillar, we’ll cover information about sleep and relaxation. Specifically, we’ll share information that helps you sleep and rest well and do so in a word efficient way so you’re not reading long articles…which can actually make you sleepy :).

Finally, in our nutrients pillar, we’ll cover important information about the food we eat, liquids we consume, and supplements (vitamins & minerals) we should consider with a special emphasis on what we do at work (lunches, healthy snacks, etc.).

About Yaypo Wellness
Yaypo is a work-site wellness program offering cloud based physical wellness services you can do at your desk and without changing existing daily routines. Everything we do is focused on fighting the major causes of preventable diseases (not the symptoms or actual diseases like our healthcare system currently does) and what you can do to maximize your productivity during the workday. We offer a Free 1-week Demo. Follow us: LinkedIn | Facebook | Blog | Twitter