Company Wellness Programs Don’t Have to Be Expensive or Complicated

When you look at statistics on corporate wellness programs, it is very clear that there are a lot of companies offering wellness programs/services. However, it is also very clear that the majority of employees either don’t engage or actually aren’t aware that the wellness programs even exist.*

Part of the reason is probably because HR departments are busy and they simply don’t have the time or resources to make sure everyone is engaging. Another reason is because the wellness programs and services are either at inconvenient times or places and employees are also busy professionally and personally and cannot add another to do item to their increasingly long list. The program also might not cloud-based therefore not even in every remote employee’s location. Another reason might be that the program is too complicated and therefore difficult to both implement and oversee.

It’s counter-intuitive to spend a great deal of money on a wellness program and have it go to waste. Wellness programs that don’t do what they intend to are a wasted opportunity for both the company and the employee. A wellness program doesn’t need to be complicated or have too many components. It can be simple, affordable and beneficial for both employees and employers.  

If wellness companies simplify their offerings and also their program’s implementation, companies just might have more success with employee engagement, and therefore employee wellness. Pick a streamlined program with some great choices, but not too many choices. Make your wellness program cloud-based. What other wellness service can reach every employee in your company effectively? Pick a program that is not expensive. Effective solutions do exist that are reasonably priced. Pick a program that helps to form lasting, healthy habits for employees, not just a one and done offering.

A program that just has a class or newsletter every month is not going to form lasting beneficial habits, which should be the goal of an effective wellness program. Keeping these things in mind, you can run an effective and cost-efficient wellness program.

*Source: IHSN

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