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Use our low impact video content to stay connected to your Facebook fans.

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Activity Challenge

Use our challenge solution to drive engagement, stay connected, love your Facebook fans...and more.

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For businesses, brands, and organizations who want to add a "we care about you" element to their marketing/engagement mix, we've created several health/wellness related and powerful Facebook Messenger tools.

Why? Because the health of a Facebook page depends on engagement. Facebook determines how often your content will show on news feeds based on the quality of your content. Quality of content is directly related to engagement. Compelling and engaging content gets noticed by your fans...and by Facebook. Engagement inside posts is important. Messenger engagement is also important. The ability to have a conversation (tell your story) with a user inside Messenger is really powerful...especially if you can automate a large portion of it.

But, Facebook has important and understandable restrictions on their Messenger platform. Messenger is NOT email. You cannot "broadcast" promotional messages via Messenger anytime you want.

While statistics prove how powerful Messenger is among users, Facebook, at all costs, is going to protect it. Violating Facebook Messenger terms of service will get you banned, no matter who you are.

If you play by the rules, you'll notice tremendous benefits. If you don't, you'll lose the privilege...possibly forever.